Cover of The New AS 5100 Part 8: Rehabilitation and Strengthening
The New AS 5100 Part 8: Rehabilitation and Strengthening
  • Publication no: ABC-AUS202-14
  • Published: 22 October 2014
AS 5100 was originally developed for the design of new bridges. There are however, approximately 20,000 existing bridges in Australia. Although Part 7 of the Standard relates to the strength rating of existing bridges, the existing AS 5100 generally does not refer to the specific applications of design and construction for the repair, rehabilitation, strengthening or widening of existing bridges. Following numerous requests from industry, this has been addressed with the introduction of Part 8, ‘Rehabilitation and strengthening of existing bridges’, which will form part of the new revised AS 5100. This paper summarises the content of the new Part 8 and addresses for existing bridges the condition assessment, methods of repair, rehabilitation and strengthening for concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures plus specific requirements for bearings, deck joints, barriers and culverts. Particular requirements for carbon fibre strengthening and cathodic protection are also provided.