Cover of Proposed Revisions to AS 5100 Part 5: Concrete
Proposed Revisions to AS 5100 Part 5: Concrete
  • Publication no: ABC-AUS104-14
  • Published: 22 October 2014
Since the introduction of the current Bridge Design Standard in 2004 there have been real advances in both design and construction methods and in materials technology. The Part 5 Standards Australia Sub-Committee (BD090-05) has responded to this with proposed major revisions to the concrete design component. This paper summarises key components of the revised Part 5 including durability, hydrocarbon fire resistance, fatigue limits for concrete in compression, 100 MPa concrete, minimum reinforcement in bridge decks and new creep and shrinkage provisions. The section on shear and torsion is proposed to be completely revised, based on the modified field compression theory principles. In addition, for the first time the Design Standard is proposed to include provisions for steel fibre reinforced concrete and stainless steel reinforcement.