Cover of Network Assessment for High Risk Mobile Crane Under IAP
Network Assessment for High Risk Mobile Crane Under IAP
  • Publication no: ABC-AMM008-11
  • Published: 31 October 2011

There are 5094 bridges and bridge size culverts under the jurisdiction of the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) NSW. More than 50% of these bridges were built before 1976 and design load was significantly lower than the T44 design load in accordance NAASRA 1976 bridge design specification. From 2011, all mobile cranes designated as ' high risk' with gross vehicle mass 36t for 3 axle to 92t for 11 axle including dolly will need to be enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) in order to gain access to approved routes on NSW roads. Under the IAP, approved routes will be spatially mapped and located onto the RTA's IAP website. Enrolled operators will log into the IAP site to view specific maps for their approved schemes and will be allowed to travel under IAP access. This process will help the crane operators to gain productivity within the NSW road freight task. Based on existing route assessment for higher productive freight vehicles, Bridge Assessment and Evaluation section developed a macro based spreadsheet 'Keep It Safe and Simple' (KISS) network assessment method for whole network. The approved networks with restricted bridges were developed by using 'KISS' method for a category of mobile cranes for IAP access. This paper will presents RTA’s approach to develop the IAP route maps for high risk mobile cranes in a cost effective way without compromising the structural integrity and public safety.