Cover of RTA Bridge Inspection Records For Sustainability
RTA Bridge Inspection Records For Sustainability
  • Publication no: ABC-AMM002-11
  • Published: 31 October 2011

All the existing bridges require a maintenance regime to enable the structure to sustain the current traffic loads. The defects in the structure can be identified through regular inspections. There should be a defined inspection procedure not to miss out on any of the bridge structural components. This inspection procedure needs to be updated as and when new defects in the structure are identified. This paper outlines the procedure and requirements for inspecting bridges and recording of any structural defects and rehabilitation works required. This can be achieved through a proper inspection regime and the recording of defects in a data base like the RTA Bridge Information System. The (BIS) is maintained by the Regional Bridge Maintenance Planner. Many real life defects and rehabilitation works of bridges are presented here to emphasize necessity of maintaining proper records of defects.