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Cover of Revised Priority Harmonisation Subsets (PHS) and Metrics for Data Standard for Road Maintenance and Investment
Revised Priority Harmonisation Subsets (PHS) and Metrics for Data Standard for Road Maintenance and Investment
  • Publication no: AP-R598-19
  • ISBN: 978-1-925854-01-5
  • Published: 30 January 2019

The Priority Harmonisation Subset (PHS) of the Data Standard was developed to promote the realisation of benefits from comparative road network performance reporting and data items considered to be a priority for effective asset and maintenance management.

A range of stakeholders were engaged to review a draft version of the PHS, which was confined to roads (pavement and surfacing), structures (bridges and major culverts), and tunnels as these asset classes combined represent a significant share of the whole road network portfolio.

As a result of the review, additional data items were sourced from the Data Standard for inclusion in the revised PHS as well as the identification of many new data items for inclusion in both the PHS and Data Standard. The revised PHS also includes a set of metrics for each of the PHS data items and identification of specific data items of use to stakeholders external to the road agencies.

  • Summary
  • 1.      Introduction
    • 1.1    Background
      • 1.1.1      The Priority Harmonisation Subset (PHS)
    • 1.2    Purpose and Scope
    • 1.3    Context
      • 1.3.1      Previous Work
      • 1.3.2      Realising the Benefits for Road Managers
    • 1.4    Data Standard Terminology
      • 1.4.1      Function Groups
      • 1.4.2      PHS Categories
    • 1.5    The Review
  • 2.      Stakeholder Consultation Summary
    • 2.1    Initial Consultation with Stakeholders
      • 2.1.1      Outcomes from Initial Consultation
    • 2.2    Stakeholder Questionnaire Outcomes
    • 2.3    Secondary Consultation with Stakeholders
    • 2.4    Draft PHS and Metrics
      • 2.4.1      Methodology
      • 2.4.2      Review of PHS
      • 2.4.3      PHS Refinement
      • 2.4.4      Terminology
      • 2.4.5      Circulation of Draft PHS and Metrics to Stakeholders
  • 3.      Revised PHS and Metrics
    • 3.1    Response to Consultation Feedback
      • 3.1.1      Summary of the Structure of the PHS
      • 3.1.2      Identification of Data Items for CGC, DIRD, NTC
    • 3.2    Revised PHS and Metrics
      • 3.2.1      Table 3.3
  • 4.      Conclusions
    • 4.1    General
    • 4.2    Other Work Outside of this Study
  • References
  • Appendix A          Stakeholder Consultation
  • Appendix B          Stocktake of Current Metrics
  • Appendix C          Proposed Metrics