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2.3.2 Resources and staffing

Asset management relies on the provision of adequate resources of materials, equipment, funding and the availability of trained staff at all levels of the management process. Additional guidance is given in Austroads (2017a).

Staff involved in structures management should receive training if the high standards required are to be achieved. The inspector should be familiar with the details of the structure and how it is intended to function and should note any particular features to be observed.

Inspectors undertaking detailed or special inspections also require a sound knowledge of the engineering properties of structural materials and structural behaviour.

TMR, VicRoads and Roads and Maritime NSW make reference to formal training/inspector accreditation in their inspection manuals. TMR has a mentoring system with assessment of inspections undertaken in the field. In addition, one inspection (per inspector) is required to be reviewed at least every six months by a Senior Inspector with feedback provided to the inspector. VicRoads requires attendance at an approved bridge inspection course (ARRB Level 2 Bridge Inspection Workshop) supported by VicRoads specific training for pre-qualification of inspectors. Only VicRoads undertakes independent audits of inspections. MRWA requires that all level 2 reports be reviewed and audited by experienced senior engineers to ensure quality and develop maintenance strategies.

Additional guidance is given in Austroads (2017a).