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5.7 Signs and Delineation

The performance of road signs, delineation and markings generally deteriorates over time with the combined effects of age, environment and use affecting visibility, legibility and reflectivity.

Routine maintenance of these assets includes visual inspection, the washing of signs and delineation, minor repairs and graffiti removal. Routine night-time inspections are important to assess reflectivity.

The performance of statutory signs and markings must be assured if legal requirements are to be met. Hence:

  • prompt replacement or repairs are carried out to damaged signs, delineation and markings (identified in routine maintenance inspection or by report from community)
  • proactive replacement or renewal programs are undertaken prior to deterioration below specified minimum standards.

The consequences of service failure of warning signs and delineation in busy and/or critical locations can be severe. The management strategy for such assets is generally similar to that adopted for statutory signs, delineation and markings.

For other signs, delineation and markings, the deterioration of performance below specified levels of visibility, legibility and reflectivity may be less critical. Accordingly, a reactive programmed approach is commonly adopted for the replacement or renewal after performance levels are at, or below, the specified standard.

Table 5.1 presents the management strategy development for signs and delineation and Table 5.2 presents the maintenance practices for signs and delineation.