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5.2 Geotechnical Structures

The service life and predictability of performance of geotechnical structures will generally be unique to the site and dependent on the nature of the ‘structure’, its specific design and the environment. The nature and purpose of monitoring and any specified maintenance should be documented by the geotechnical engineer and conveyed to the asset manager and maintenance personnel. Monitoring may require specialist geotechnical skills and equipment.

A ‘failure’ of a geotechnical structure such as a rock-bolted rock face or a retaining wall will have a significant impact on road traffic.

Low performance predictability, combined with high consequences of failure, demands a conservative management approach incorporating:

  • regular monitoring of critical features identified by the geotechnical engineer
  • routine operational maintenance, particularly for drainage provision
  • proactive programmed maintenance in accordance with the geotechnical design.

Table 5.1 presents the management strategy development for geotechnical structures and Table 5.2 presents the maintenance practices for geotechnical structures.