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5.6 Environmental Treatment Facilities

Environmental treatment facilities such as sedimentation basins, gross pollutant traps, tunnel exhaust stacks and leachate treatment plants, are designed to achieve acceptable quality of water and air discharged to the environment from the road system, thereby protecting the environment and public health.

The consequences of failure of these facilities can be significant to the environment (e.g. untreated oil spill allowed to discharge through the drainage system to the stormwater system and waterways) or public health (e.g. putrid sulphide gases drifting across a residential area from decomposing landfill buried below the road formation).

The management strategy for each treatment site will be documented and site-specific and include:

  • programmed inspection and monitoring of effluent and emissions
  • routine operational maintenance to clear litter and debris
  • programmed maintenance in accordance with the facility design.

Table 5.1 presents the management strategy development for environmental treatment facilities and Table 5.2 presents the maintenance practices for environmental treatment facilities.