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5.8 Barriers

Roadside and median barriers are generally long-life assets with slow environmental deterioration, excepting deterioration of timber-in-ground components. The common modes of service ‘failure’ are crash damage, vandalism or functional obsolescence (caused by alterations to road configuration or levels). The consequences of barrier ‘failure’ can be significant.

The key elements of an asset management strategy for barriers comprise:

  • regular monitoring and visual inspection
  • routine asset maintenance to protect amenity, minimise deterioration and ensure function, e.g. graffiti removal, weed removal around posts, adjustment of anchorage cables
  • periodic maintenance for lubrication and servicing of mechanisms for moveable barrier systems in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • prompt repair/renewal of damaged barriers.

Table 5.1 presents the management strategy development for barriers and Table 5.2 presents the maintenance practices for barriers.

Colosimo (2014) noted that barriers constructed on bridges prior to 1970 generally do not meet current design standards (AS 5100.2-2004) and should be upgraded or replaced.