Asset management

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2.6.8 Step 7: other options (also known as Default Strategies)

If proactive maintenance tasks are neither technically appropriate nor worth doing then other options are to be considered. Strategies include:

  • Unscheduled maintenance: could be considered to cover random failure modes that show no trend in degrading the useful lifespan.
  • Equipment redesign: make any one-off changes to the built-in capability of a system. This includes modifications to the hardware and one-off changes to procedures.
  • Failure-finding tasks: check hidden functions periodically to determine whether they have failed, as opposed to condition-based tasks, which entail checking if something is failing.
  • Modifications to operating procedures: change the current practice of operations to potentially encourage greater efficiency or to increase the useful life of the system.
  • Updates to technical publications: keep the maintenance practices up to date and record any historical findings of changes in failure modes or consequences.
  • No scheduled maintenance: make no effort to anticipate or prevent failure modes; failures are simply allowed to occur and are then repaired. This default is also called run‑to‑failure.