Asset management

Table of Contents

6.3 Develop Asset Management Improvement Plan

The improvement plan is a key document which brings the results of the self-assessment and gap analysis processes together and defines how the agency intends to make progress towards higher levels of asset management maturity. The improvement plan should identify the tasks to be carried out, when they will be done, who has responsibility and the resources that need to be allocated.

The improvement plan including lists of actions that should be documented in AMPs, including defining the financial costs, resources required and the proposed timelines for achieving the actions. Refer also to Section 3 on AMPs.

The improvement plan should contain the following minimum information, also ensuring that it is clear and concise:

  • activity and area (roads, bridges, etc.) where the improvement should be performed
  • reference to the asset management plan
  • improvement action name and priority
  • status and comments
  • dates showing when the action was identified, and the target start and end
  • person responsible
  • measures of effectiveness identified if possible
  • management and monitoring processes defined.