Asset management

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6.1.2 Format and content of a Long-term Financial Plan

The key contents of the LTFP (on a 10-year time horizon) are summarised in Table 6.1 (Local Government Association of South Australia 2015 in LGASA 2015).

Table 6.1: Key contents of an LTFP

LTFPKey items
Summary statement including financial transactions

Operating surplus/deficit (revenues less expenses)

Net outlays (receipts less expenses) on existing, new and upgraded assets

Equals net lending/borrowing for financial year

Financing transactionsBorrowings and repayments on borrowings
Key financial indicatorsFSI (KPIs) outlined previously, measures used for monitoring and assessment of financial performance over the lifespan of LTFP
Estimated balance sheetAssets less liabilities
Estimated income statementIncome less expenses
Estimated statement of changes in equityAccumulated surplus, asset revaluation reserve, other reserves

Source: LGASA (2015).