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Cover of Guide to Asset Management Part 5B: Roughness
Guide to Asset Management Part 5B: Roughness
  • Publication no: AGAM05B-06
  • ISBN: 1 921139 31 5
  • Published: 18 April 2006
  • Edition: 1
  • Superseded

Guide to Asset Management Part 5B contains guidelines for and background notes on the conduct of response type and profile-based roughness measurement for road network management purposes in Australia and New Zealand.  The guidelines define roughness as being concerned with road surface profile wavelengths between 0.5 m and 50 m.  The guidelines describe two broad measures of roughness, viz NAASRA Roughness Meter (NRM roughness values in counts/km) and the International Roughness Index (with a specific focus on Lane IRIqc, expressed in units of m/km), and mark the introduction to Australasia of Lane IRIqc as a standard form of reporting road pavement roughness.  A standard reporting interval of 100 m is favoured.  The guidelines discuss the frequency and extent of network roughness surveys, and are intended as a basis for the preparation of specifications for network roughness surveys.  Verification procedures for inertial profilometers, testing frequencies, and limits on repeatability and bias for roughness reports are included.  A glossary of terms used in measuring road roughness is also included.