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4.2.2 Other management systems

Other systems used by a roads agency could include those established under other generic ISO Standards, such as ISO 9001 (ISO 2015a) or ISO 14001 (ISO 2015b). They may also include internal business or management systems such as financial management, health and safety or risk management.

Other standards also have particular relevance to roads. For example, ISO 39001 (ISO 2012) is a management system standard for road traffic safety which provides requirements for safety aspects including speed, vehicle condition and driver awareness. Designed to support public or private sector organisations involved in regulating, designing or operating road transport, ISO 39001 is useful for organisations involved in road-safety related activities such as auditing the effectiveness of road safety programs, analysing ‘black spots’, or providing funding or awards for recognition of best practice.

A template, in the form of a safe system assessment framework, was developed by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) for road agencies (Austroads 2016) to use in administering their road safety programs and road infrastructure projects.

There is a range of other safety management systems (SMS) approaches, for example, The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) (2013) describes an SMS as a:

formal risk management framework to improve safety …. Organisations would have systems for hazard identification and risk management, safety targets and reporting processes, procedures for audit, investigations, remedial actions, and safety education. The size and complexity of an SMS should be scaled to suit the size of the organisation.