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7.1.2 Increasing customer expectations

Modern societies have become increasingly dependent on multiple infrastructure systems, including water, sewerage, electricity, telecommunications and transport. The inter-dependencies between these systems are complex. Any unplanned failure of a system, particularly where the consequences are disruptive, is regarded as unacceptable. As consumers face a barrage of new products and new technology offering more and more services, such as Smart Phones and Wi-Fi, they equally expect more from their infrastructure providers. Expect more questioning, such as: ‘why are traffic signals on red’; ‘I’m waiting when there is no‑one on green?’; and, ‘Isn’t there a technology solution to this?’

At the same time, businesses are trying to deliver more with less, relying on ‘just in time’ processes and faster turnaround times. All of these factors are placing increased demand on the infrastructure, such as more rural road freight and more urban delivery traffic.