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5.1.4 IPWEA NAMS resources

There are numerous other resources available or under development for practitioners and a complete list is provided in the References. Examples include:

  • International infrastructure management manual (New Zealand National Asset Management Steering Group (NAMS) & Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) 2011)
  • Optimised decision making guidelines (IPWEA 2004)
  • Infrastructure asset valuation and depreciation guidelines (NAMS 2006)
  • Developing levels of service and performance management guidelines (IPWEA 2007).

Relevant Practice Notes published by IPWEA include:

  • Footpaths and Cycleways (IPWEA 2014a)
  • Kerb and Channel (Gutter) (IPWEA 2014b)
  • Long-Term Financial Planning (IPWEA 2012)
  • Levels of Service & Community Engagement (IPWEA 2014c)
  • Road Pavements (Visual Assessment) (IPWEA 2015b)
  • Street Lighting (IPWEA 2014d).

It is not the intention that the GAM duplicate these resources; rather, relevant content will be referred to and valued added by describing applications to road assets, typically at a greater level of detail. The development of the GAM was aligned with the latest 2015 version of the IIMM, which is also themed on the basis of ISO 55001.