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Cover of Validation and Repeatability Checks for a Deflectograph
Validation and Repeatability Checks for a Deflectograph
  • Publication no: AGAM-T008-07
  • Published: 19 April 2007

This test method defines the procedures for collecting reference data and for conducting the validation and repeatability checks for deflectograph equipment.

Specific deflectograph machines may be known by proprietary names (e.g. the VicRoads designed deflectograph is known as the Pavement Strength Evaluator (PaSE)).

The procedure is confined to well referenced and regularly tested section(s) of pavement. The validation check makes use of reference data that has been regularly collected and updated, by the data supplier, over a period of time.

  • 1. Scope
  • 2. Referenced Documents
  • 3. Definitions
  • 4. Equipment
  • 5. Procedure
  • 6. Calculation
    • 6.1. Validation check
    • 6.2. Repeatability checks
  • 7. Reporting
    • 7.1. General
    • 7.2. Validation checks
    • 7.3. Repeatability checks
  • 8. Failed Validation or Repeatability Checks
  • Commentary