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9.1.3 Effects of alcohol or drugs on other diseases

People who are frequently intoxicated and who also suffer from certain other medical conditions are often unable to give their other medical problems the careful attention required, which has implications for safe driving.


Many people with epilepsy are quite likely to have a seizure if they miss their prescribed medication even for a day or two, particularly when this omission is combined with inadequate rest, emotional turmoil, irregular meals and alcohol or other substances. Patients under treatment for any kind of epilepsy are not fit to drive any class of motor vehicle if they are frequently intoxicated.


People with insulin-dependent diabetes have a special problem when they are frequently intoxicated. Not only may they forget to inject their insulin at the proper time and in the proper quantity, but also their food intake can get out of balance with the insulin dosage. This may result in a hypoglycaemic reaction or the slow onset of diabetic coma.