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2.3.2 Driver rehabilitation

A practical driver assessment may indicate a need for the person to participate in a rehabilitation or retraining program. A rehabilitation or retraining program will be developed based on the assessment results. It will be graded to increase the degree of difficulty or complexity in the task/environment and may include clinic-based activities, simulator or computer-based training, or on-road training with a driving instructor under the direction of an occupational therapist. It may also include training in the use of vehicle modifications or aids/ adaptations as well as education to develop driver awareness and improve driving confidence. There is currently limited evidence to support the use of particular rehabilitation or retraining strategies.6,7 Designed and tested driving simulation activities may offer controlled and repeatable driving conditions for rehabilitation that are not available or limited in on-road driving situations, allowing practice and skills related to the behavioural, cognitive and physical skills related to driving.8

On completion of the rehabilitation program, a reassessment of the patient’s driving skills may be made and a report sent to the driver licensing authority.