Assessing Fitness to Drive

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4.5 Reinstatement of licences or removal or variation of licence conditions

Situations may arise in which a medical condition improves to such an extent that the patient’s licence restriction may be reconsidered by the driver licensing authority, resulting in reinstatement of the licence or removal or variation of licence conditions, including periodic review.

Under such circumstances a letter or notification to this effect from the treating health professional (refer to Appendix 2.2: Medical condition notification form) should include:

  • details of the requirements previously not met
  • the response to treatment and the long-term prognosis
  • the duration of improvement
  • other relevant information including consideration of the driving task (e.g. the requirements of a person who drives occasionally to the shops are likely to be different from those of a person undertaking extensive interstate travel).

The driver licensing authority will consider the request and advise the driver of their determination; licence decisions may be contingent on the requirement for the driver/applicant to undertake and pass an on-road evaluation to confirm their driving abilities.