Assessing Fitness to Drive

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4.3 Prescribed periodic medical examinations for particular licensing/authorisation classes

Some classes of driver are required to present periodically for prescribed examinations based on the standards as part of their licensing or authorisation requirements.

Such requirements may vary between states and territories and might apply, for example, to:

  • drivers of vehicles that are physically difficult to drive or require the capacity to monitor many vehicle functions, for example, multiple combinations
  • drivers of vehicles for which the consequences of a crash are usually serious, for example, drivers holding a dangerous goods driver licence or drivers of public passenger vehicles.

There are also requirements in some states and territories for older drivers to undergo periodic medical assessment.

These requirements are determined and directed by individual state and territory driver licensing authorities and are outlined in Appendix 1: Regulatory requirements for driver testing. Industry groups such as the Australian Trucking Association and national programs such as the Fatigue Management Program under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme may also require drivers to have periodic examinations; however, the requirements of these programs are not discussed specifically in this standard.