Assessing Fitness to Drive

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4.4.5 What monitoring is required for a conditional licence?

Conditional licences should be subject to periodic review so that the medical condition or disability, including the compliance with treatments, can be monitored. The frequency of formal review with regard to licence status is sometimes specified in this publication but often is left to the judgement of the health professional, given the variations in severity of a medical condition or disability and the possible effects on driving.

In the course of providing advice regarding a conditional licence, health professionals should advise the driver licensing authority of the period for which a conditional licence could be issued before formal review. This may be months or years depending on the condition in question and its progression; these reviews differ from the ordinary follow-up consultations that a health professional may be offering in the course of general management.

At the time of a periodic review or during general management of a patient’s condition, it may become apparent that the patient no longer meets the requirements of the conditional licence because their health has deteriorated for some reason. The patient should be advised to inform the driver licensing authority of their changed circumstances with respect to fitness to drive (refer to section 3.2 Roles and responsibilities of drivers).