Assessing Fitness to Drive

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4.4.7 What if there is a delay before a specialist can be seen?

In the case of a commercial vehicle driver or applicant for a commercial vehicle licence who is assessed by a general practitioner as not meeting the criteria to hold an unconditional licence for one or more conditions but who may meet the criteria to hold a conditional licence, the driver licensing authority may permit the person to drive, or to continue to drive, a commercial vehicle pending assessment of the person by an appropriate specialist or specialists if:

  • the person has an appointment to see the relevant specialist(s) at the earliest practicable opportunity
  • in the opinion of the general practitioner the condition is not, or the conditions are not, likely to lead to acute incapacity or loss of concentration before the assessment or assessments occur.

Examples of such conditions include early peripheral neuropathy, early rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes treated by diet and exercise alone. Examples of conditions that could lead to acute incapacity or loss of concentration include ischaemic heart disease, sleep apnoea, or blackouts other than vasovagal.

In applying this section the driver licensing authority may impose conditions on the licence.