Assessing Fitness to Drive

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Appendix 2.2 Medical condition notification form

If, in the course of treatment, a patient’s condition is found to affect their ability to drive safely, the health professional should, in the first instance, encourage the patient to report their condition to the driver licensing authority. A standard form, Medical condition notification form, has been produced to facilitate this process. The health professional completes the form, explains the circumstances to the patient and asks the patient to forward the form to the driver licensing authority. Most driver licensing authorities will also accept a letter from the treating practitioner or specialist. The letter should, however, include the details laid out in the form to enable the driver licensing authority to make a decision.

If necessary, the health professional may feel obliged to make a report directly to the driver licensing authority using a copy of this form (refer to section 3.3.1 and step 6 of the assessment and reporting process). Even when making a report directly to the driver licensing authority, the health professional should inform the patient that they are doing so.

Figure: Medical condition notification form