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2.2.3 High blood pressure

The cut-off blood pressure values at which a person is considered unfit to hold an unconditional licence do not reflect usual goals for managing hypertension. Rather, they reflect levels that are likely to be associated with sudden incapacity due to neurological events (e.g. stroke). The cut-off points are based on expert opinion.

It is a general requirement that conditional licences for commercial vehicle drivers are issued by the driver licensing authority based on the advice of an appropriate medical specialist and that these drivers are reviewed periodically by the specialist to determine their ongoing fitness to drive (refer to Part A section 4.4 Conditional licences). In the case of high blood pressure, ongoing fitness to drive may be assessed by the treating general practitioner, provided this is mutually agreed by the specialist and the general practitioner. The initial recommendation of a conditional licence must, however, be based on the opinion of the specialist.