Assessing Fitness to Drive

Table of Contents

5.1.1 When conducting an assessment at the request of a driver licensing authority

When conducting an assessment at the request of a driver licensing authority, the key form is the Medical report. This form is the mechanism for communication between the health professional and the driver licensing authority about the patient’s fitness (or otherwise) to drive, albeit via the patient/driver. It should be completed with details of any medical requirements not met as well as details of recommended restrictions and monitoring requirements for a conditional licence. For privacy reasons, only medical information relevant to the patient’s fitness to drive should be included on this form.

A blank report is provided to the patient by the local driver licensing authority and presented at the time of consultation for completion and signing by the health professional. Some driver licensing authorities insert personal details on their medical report form prior to issuing to a customer. In these circumstances, customers can only obtain the form by attending a motor registry branch or by calling the authority’s contact centre. The completed form is returned to the patient/driver for forwarding to the driver licensing authority. The forms used by each state or territory differ in certain administrative aspects but should contain the key elements described in Appendix 2: Forms.