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Cover of National Cycling Strategy: Implementation Report 2013
National Cycling Strategy: Implementation Report 2013
  • Publication no: AP-C93-14
  • Published: 8 July 2014

In July 2014 the Australian Bicycle Council published a report that outlines the progress made on the National Cycling Strategy in 2013.

In this third year of the National Cycling Strategy 2011-16:

  • Australian states and territories invested $112.8 million in cycling related infrastructure, education and promotion.
  • Bicycles outsold cars for the 14th year running with almost 1.4 million bicycles sold.
  • National cycling participation rates decreased slightly from 2011.
  • Cycling is being integrated in broader transport planning and land use planning.
  • "20-Minute Neighbourhoods" are being developed to increase short trips and improve livability.
  • Bicycle facilities are increasingly being designed with separation from motor vehicles.
  • Street design and speed limits are being used to facilitate street purpose.
  • A "Safe Systems" approach is being adopted to improve bicycle safety.