Development of a sprayed seal binder cracking test

Project Number: TT2037

Status: Complete
Start: 1-07-2015
End: 30-09-2019

The aim of this project is to develop a laboratory test to rank the low-temperature cracking performance of binders in sprayed seals. This information is currently only available by conducting road trials, which are costly to construct and can take many years to produce a result. A laboratory test will provide significant efficiencies for road agencies.

About 87% of surfaced roads in Australia and New Zealand consist of low-cost sprayed seals. The new test is expected to deliver a more scientific approach to the use of polymer-modified binders in sprayed seals and asphalt pavements. It will also help road managers identify the timing of resurfacing to avoid deterioration that can lead to safety issues, a loss in pavement asset value, and increased costs.

Proposed outputs: Technical report

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Assets [Pavement Task Force]