National interoperability protocol for digital licences and other digital products

Project Number: SRL6103

Status: Active, On Track
Start: 30-05-2018
End: 28-11-2019

This project will achieve a common interoperability standard that will allow validation of any digital credential issued by an Australian state or territory government. Australian jurisdictions are developing, testing or have released state versions of a digital driver licence. The Standard will allow real-time, cross-jurisdictional licence validation road agencies, law enforcement agencies and commercial entities.

Proposed outputs: The output of Stage 2 will be a guide that sets out the interoperability standards that will form the coding and system connection standards for each jurisdiction’s ‘credential validation’ process. It is not envisaged, at this stage, that technical details of the report would be made publicly available.

Consultants: Procurement in progress

Program: Safety [Registration and Licensing Task Force]