Rollover crashes – road design risk factors and infrastructure solutions

Project Number: SRD6070

Status: Active, Major Delay / Issues
Start: 10-07-2017
End: 28-06-2019

This project will quantify roadside design factors associated with rollovers in run-off-road crashes on high-speed roads, and will suggest roadside management techniques to reduce this risk.

Rollover occurs in a substantial proportion of casualty crashes on high-speed roads and is especially over-represented in run-off-road crashes due to roadside geometry. These crashes typically result in high-severity outcomes due to a mix of speed, gravity and human vulnerability to head injury during rollover. The current roadside geometry design guidance is based on US practice and has limited validation for safety outcomes in Australia and New Zealand. Greater understanding of the effects of elements contributing to the risk of a rollover is needed. This new evidence will help future revision of Austroads guidance to improve safety on high-speed roads.

Proposed outputs: Technical report

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Safety [Road Design Task Force]