Review of the Guide to Road Safety and structure for online access

Project Number: SAG6145

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 27-07-2018
End: 29-11-2019

This project will restructure and update the Guide to Road Safety with current research. The update will consider the:

  • need for higher-order documentation to support the Safe System principles
  • practical application of the Safe System principles
  • relationships between the Safe System pillars
  • National Road Safety Strategy and its supporting action plans
  • inclusion of the main points from Towards Safe System Infrastructure: A Compendium of Knowledge
  • development of simpler practice to support state and local government jurisdictions
  • introduction of automated vehicles
  • recent research into speed, network and link considerations for achieving the best safety outcomes
  • changes to other Austroads Guides.

    Proposed outputs: Guide or update to Guide, 1st Release GRS 2nd Release GRS Webinar Webinar presentation

    Consultants: Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd

    Program: Safety [Road Safety Task Force]