A national approach to measuring non-fatal crash outcomes – Stage 2

Project Number: SAG6132

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 9-07-2018
End: 29-05-2020

This project is an extension of the work undertaken in project SS2034. It will extend use of a data-linking method to improve measurement of non-fatal hospitalised road injuries in Australia. The project will:

  • increase population coverage of measurement from about 85% to 100%
  • increase measurement from one year to about 10 years
  • provide the basis for future data acquisition, linkage and analysis, and provision of information to road safety agencies.

Using hospital data to supplement crash data will mean national serious injury totals can be reported using standardised severity ratings based on medical diagnosis. This will allow better understanding of the medical consequences of particular types of crashes. Nationally consistent non-fatal crash data is vital to our understanding of serious injury crashes and trends over time. This information will underpin the shared policy response of Australian governments.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Webinar

Consultants: Flinders University

Program: Safety [Road Safety Task Force]