Speed management – a compendium of effective countermeasures and strategies for government and the community

Project Number: SAG6043

Status: Complete
Start: 6-07-2017
End: 26-03-2019

Speed is a critical factor in crashes, and effective speed management is fundamental to reducing road trauma. The greater the speed, the more severe the consequences of road crashes are, and the greater the probability of a crash. This project will:

  • analyse case studies of good speed-management interventions that could be replicated
  • investigate the adaptation of the New Zealand infrastructure risk rating (IRR) model for use in Australia
  • review strategies for interventions needed at state and local government levels.

The research findings and IRR tool will help state and local governments identify appropriate speed limits for their roads and choose effective interventions. The tool will be of particular benefit to local councils where funding restraints limit the use of existing, more complex, risk assessment tools.

Proposed outputs: Research report, IRR Model

Consultants: Abley Transportation Consultants

Program: Safety [Road Safety Task Force]