Congestion management and network operations opportunities: technology, data, mobility and guidance (Congestion and reliability review: stage 2)

Project Number: NSP6090

Status: Complete
Start: 6-11-2017
End: 31-08-2019

There is no single solution for improving road congestion. This complex project includes six modules of work to process congestion mitigation activities in Australia and New Zealand. The modules of work will examine:

  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • operational readiness assessment for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • network operations and congestion relief activities
  • impacts of planned activities on network operations.

The project will deliver:

  • improved guidance for the management of smart motorways
  • digital summary of Austroads congestion and network operations research and publications.
  • Proposed outputs: Research report, Dissemination Webinar

    Consultants: WSP Australia Pty Limited, Austroads Ltd

    Program: Network [Network Strategic Priority ]