Harmonisation of measurement and mass assessment procedures for special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in Australasia

Project Number: NEF6113

Status: Active, Major Delay / Issues
Start: 1-08-2018
End: 29-11-2019

This project will develop a consistent way to measure and weigh Class 1 special purpose vehicles (SPVs). This will allow consistent data for ensuring road access for SPVs in Australia and New Zealand. SPVs, particularly cranes, cause the greatest stresses in bridges. Measuring their axle masses, axle spacings, tyre sizes and ground contact widths helps determine what road network access can be provided and under what conditions. Access to the road network is critical for SPV operators to move their vehicles between clients. It is therefore important that consistent, repeatable methods are used to ensure fair road access. This project will recommend a procedure for measurement of mass for Australasian SPVs, and will define what data should be recorded for them.

Proposed outputs: Internal report, Webinar

Consultants: Advantia

Program: Network [Freight Task Force]