Update the guidelines on rest areas for heavy vehicles

Project Number: NEF6027

Status: Complete
Start: 1-08-2017
End: 15-02-2019

This project will update the National Transport Commission’s 2005 National Guidelines for the Provision of Rest Area Facilities for heavy vehicle drivers. The revised guidelines will:

  • include diagrams of alternative rest area designs more appropriate for a particular site
  • include diagrams of herringbone parking designs to increase amenity for drivers resting in close proximity
  • recognise differences between major and minor rest areas
  • recognise differences between urban and rural rest areas
  • identify opportunities to implement the ‘3-2-1 green reflectors’ scheme for informal rest areas.

The Austroads Safety and Asset Management Programs and the Freight Industry Consultative Group will contribute to this project, which will result in an Australasian resource for road agencies to meet their Heavy Vehicle National Law obligations.

Proposed outputs: Technical report, National Guidelines

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Network [Freight Task Force]