Automated steering functions

Project Number: FPI6119

Status: Active, Major Delay / Issues
Start: 1-08-2018
End: 28-02-2020

This project will investigate implications for road operation from the use of automated steering functions in vehicles. With the primary goal to reduce road trauma, project outcomes will support road agencies to optimise road design, maintenance and operation for automated vehicles. The project will advance understanding of the interaction between automated steering systems and road infrastructure, including:

  • capabilities of modern systems, including performance limitations in a range of conditions
  • how lane widths affect safe operation of automated steering
  • impact of longitudinal line markings, including width, colour, reflectivity, contrast, type and material, and maintenance
  • effect of other road markings such as tram zones and cross-hatching
  • intersection markings
  • difficulties with freeway entry and exit ramps
  • operation in temporary traffic work zones
  • potential for pavement degradation from repetitive lane tracking
  • benefit–cost analysis for adjustments to road infrastructure.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Webinar

Consultants: WSP Australia Pty Limited

Program: Future Vehicles and Technology [FVaT Task Force ]