Assessment of key road operator actions to support electric vehicles

Project Number: FLZ6171

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 6-02-2019
End: 6-01-2020

This project will identify how road agencies can best support electric vehicles (EVs) through their road operational and registration and licensing functions. Australian EV sales in quarter 1, 2018 rose by 132 per cent over the corresponding previous period. Many vehicle brands are indicating significant product shifts from conventional power trains to battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell electric power trains. A nationally consistent approach by road agencies will contribute to the broad environmental, mobility and safety outcomes that EVs have the potential to deliver. This project will assess the implications for road agencies and provide guidance.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Webinar

Consultants: ARRB

Program: Future Vehicles and Technology [Electric Vehicle Working Group]