Dangerous Goods in Tunnels – Stage 2 – Towards Implementation of Risk Assessment Process

Project Number: ART6122

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 3-12-2018
End: 30-06-2020

What problem will this project address and why does Austroads need to fix it?

The development and delivery of major road tunnel infrastructure projects are hampered by the lack of a national standardised method of assessing the relative safety of routing dangerous goods vehicles (DGVs) through tunnels or via adjacent surface routes. Frequently, time pressure of projects lead to a decision to exclude DGVs from tunnels without having applied a methodology to compare the societal risk. If DGVs are applied to PPP projects, with risk allocated to the PPP entity they are likely to choose to exclude DGVs to lower the cost of the infrastructure and / or their risk levels.

2) Whose problem is it?

The impact of not having a standardised methodology is felt by the freight / DG industry, road users and residents across Australia and New Zealand. The respective road authorities can act to facilitate an appropriate solution. As it is an issue that is not restricted to any one jurisdiction, it is proposed that it should best be resolved by Austroads on behalf of all jurisdictions.

3) How will this project fix the problem?

Establishing the methodology will allow project proponents to provide a balanced assessment of societal risk related to the transport of dangerous goods, where previously such project decisions have been made without any such assessment. Note that jurisdictions may still choose not to apply the methodology where there are compelling reasons not to do so.

4) What are the potential benefits once the problem has been fixed?

The following benefits are envisaged:

a) Community engagement: Proponents will be able to point to a national standardised methodology rather than a project methodology in determining how to deal with this issue

b) Freight / DG Industry: Allowing the freight DG industry to use tunnels may improve consumer costs

c) Freight / DG Industry: Reduced emissions associated with taking longer delivery routes

Proposed outputs: Guide or update to Guide, Methodology Guideline for use of methodology Case Study application Presentations and Webinar

Consultants: Stacey Agnew Pty Ltd

Program: Assets [Road Tunnels Task Force]