Use of a driving simulator as a safety-assured method of assessing and approving alternative in-tunnel aesthetic solutions

Project Number: ART6011

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 4-09-2017
End: 28-01-2021

This project will provide designers with new ways to assess the driver experience in medium-to-long road tunnels. Some road tunnels require additional design features to ensure driver safety. Increasingly long road tunnels with multiple exits and way-finding options may be confusing for drivers, and long sections of tunnel without distinctive features may lead to driver fatigue, boredom and distraction. This project will use new methods to assess human factors in driving, and is expected to establish the driver simulator as a safety-assured way to assess changes in long sections of tunnel.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Technical Papers, Presentations, Webinars

Consultants: University of New South Wales - Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation

Program: Assets [Road Tunnels Task Force]