Monitoring of Austroads sprayed seal trial sites

Project Number: APT2039

Status: Active, On Track
Start: 1-07-2016
End: 31-10-2020

The aim of this project is to report on the outcomes of the Austroads Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) sprayed seal trials (established under project TT1665) and of the Gisborne non-modified binder trial (established under TT1357). The PMB trial was initiated in 2011/12 at Coober Pedy in SA and Cooma in NSW. This trial compares the performance of different binders used for road construction on an annual basis. The Gisborne trial in Victoria is comparing the performance of different types of bitumen binders. Although all binders tested are performing as well as each other, the trials have provided some unexpected findings about the methods for using binders to build roads. These outcomes will give road agencies a better understanding of the performance of PMBs and will help road agencies produce pavements with a longer life and at lower cost.

Proposed outputs: Technical report

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Assets [Pavement Task Force]