Properties of general purpose cement with increased percentages of limestone: phase 2

Project Number: ABT2064

Status: Complete
Start: 1-07-2016
End: 31-10-2019

This project complements project TT2058 the Phase 1 project in assessing changes in properties of general purpose (GP) cement if the limestone content is raised from 7.5% to 12%. Australian Standards committee BD-010 is investigating increasing the percentage of limestone in GP cement, which will result in changes to AS3972. Changes to AS3972 will affect all users of GP cement in Australia. The project will allow bridge and pavement designers to better understand the potential impacts associated with changing the formulation of GP cement. Phase 2 will generate data on concrete mixes used for cast-in-situ and pre-casting purposes for bridge components.

Proposed outputs: Technical report

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Assets [Bridge Task Force]