Investment prioritisation

Project Number: AAM6200

Status: Active, Overdue Milestones
Start: 31-07-2019
End: 18-05-2020

Typically, State Treasuries and budget processes require agencies to focus on ensuring that the current asset base continues to support delivery of existing service levels. In contrast, capital expansionary expenditures create new infrastructure or raise service levels on existing assets. The strategic allocation of funds between maintenance and enhancement at a program level is complex and challenging due to the different investment drivers and analytical techniques that are applied. For instance, the wider economic benefits of maintenance are taken as a given and “efficiency savings” are often restricted to operating budgets.

This project is seeking to provide a risk-based decision-support framework to assist decision-makers to prioritise investments to best meet Government and strategic objectives for the transport network (Economic, Social and Environmental) including consideration of how funds are distributed across and within:

  • Service groups (Asset Maintenance, Services and Operations, and Growth and Improvement)
  • Expenditure categories (Opex, Capex)
  • Maintenance asset classes (Pavements, Roadside Assets, Structures and Traffic Facility Assets)
  • Geographical areas.

Proposed outputs: Research report, Strategic Investment Scenario Dashboard

Consultants: HoustonKemp

Program: Assets [Assets Task Force]