Appropriate use of marginal and non-standard pavement materials and road construction maintenance

Project Number: AAM2101

Status: Complete
Start: 1-07-2016
End: 31-08-2018

Marginal or non-standard materials may not strictly comply with accepted specifications but may still be fit for purpose and perform successfully within a particular road environment. This project will study whether locally available materials can be used more to reduce the cost of road construction and maintenance in rural and remote areas and for roads with little traffic. This is especially important for unsealed roads because gravel pavement is quickly degraded.

Materials not used in road construction in the past may be suitable for use in some road environments. This project will identify opportunities to amend material specifications to allow a wider range of material to be used in stated circumstances and will provide guidance for assessing the appropriate use of these materials in building and maintaining roads.

Proposed outputs: Guide or update to Guide, Research report

Consultants: ARRB (VIC)

Program: Assets [Assets Task Force]