Technical Guides for Written-off Vehicles Updated

Monday, 16 December 2019

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council and Austroads have updated the technical guides used by insurance assessors and allied professionals to classify written-off vehicles for regulatory purposes.

The updated light vehicle guide provides additional guidance on the assessment of contiguous roof and pillar damage and hidden rear longitudinal rail and pillar damage in the smallest vehicles, i.e., a city type car.

The 2018 heavy vehicle guide has been updated to remove minor inconsistencies between trucks and buses in respect of the treatment of battery packs and power electronics in hybrid vehicles, and the specification of substantial stripping.

The guides can be downloaded from both the Austroads and NMVTRC websites.

Download the guides:

Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Light Vehicle Statutory Write-Offs

Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Heavy Vehicle Statutory Write-Offs

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