New flexural beam test methods for cemented materials

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Austroads has published a new test method that describes the methods for determining the flexural modulus, strength and fatigue characteristics of laboratory‑manufactured cemented materials using four point bending techniques.

Flexural beam test

More than 90% of the Australian and New Zealand sealed road network consists of a sprayed seal overlying granular pavements.

Increased traffic loadings are placing increasing pressure on these pavements, with some non-standard materials no longer being fit-for-purpose.

In many rural areas, the use of high quality crushed rock is not a cost-effective treatment to improve the structure of these pavements.

Consequently there is increasing use of treatments that enhance the existing non-standard materials by adding cementitious and bituminous binders to allow recycling of scarce resources.

Test methods provide a consistent approach to materials testing and detail the scope, equipment, procedures, calculations and reporting requirements to enable a test to be performed.

Link: AGPT-T600-18 Flexural Beam Test Methods for Cemented Materials

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