Latest edition of Guide to Pavement Technology Part 8 emphasises construction safety and new plant

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Austroads has published a new edition of Guide to Pavement Technology Part 8: Pavement Construction providing practitioners with up-to-date practices and the latest research to improve their pavement construction planning and delivery.

“Part 8 was last updated in 2009. In the last two decades, construction practices have improved for all pavement types,” said George Vorobieff, General Manager, Head to Head International Pty Ltd and Part 8 author. “More emphasis on construction safety by road agencies and industry means new plant has been developed, such as the forward moving aggregate spreader for sprayed sealing.”

The new edition continues to focus on new construction and where applicable, acknowledges local practices.

Changes to the Guide include:

  • an updated section on workplace health and safety, prequalification of contractors, working near utilities and building information modelling
  • more information on construction planning to address new construction undertaken at night-time and reducing congestion traffic around work sites
  • a new section on Benkelman Beam testing
  • new information on early entry sawing and diamond grinding
  • an expanded section on plant-mix stabilisation using foamed bitumen and lime
  • extensive updates reflecting recently published Austroads bituminous sealing guides and reports outlining new design approaches to initial and final seals
  • a new Appendix A to enable improved access to road agency specifications and test methods
  • new Appendices B and C listing a sample field operations checklist and troubleshooting guide for asphalt paving.

The Guide will be helpful to everyone involved in road construction, including industry, state and territory transport agencies, local government and students.

Guide link: Guide to Pavement Technology Part 8: Pavement Construction

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