Ernie Wanka Awarded Public Service Medal

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Congratulations to Ernie Wanka who was recognised with a Public Service Medal (PSM) in the 2015 Australia Day Honours List, announced yesterday.

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Ernie has had a long and distinguished career with the Northern Territory's public service for more than 35 years.

As Executive Director for the Transport Infrastructure Planning Division he has managed the Territory's 22,000 kilometre road network, ranging from national highways to a variety of sealed and unsealed roads in remote rural and regional areas. He has delivered a significant range of capital works, construction and maintenance programs and has negotiated with the Federal Government regarding funding and with Indigenous communities for land access.

In times of natural disasters, Ernie has been a steadying influence in getting infrastructure and facilities restored. He has recently been appointed as Government Chief Engineer for the Department of Transport with responsibilities for strategic policy development and major infrastructure projects.

He also represents the Northern Territory on the Austroads Chief Engineers Group.

The Australian honours system recognises the actions and achievements of people who go above and beyond what could be reasonably expected, and in doing so, encourages national aspirations and ideals of the highest community standards and values.

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