Developing consistent condition and performance data for intelligent transport systems

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Austroads has published a report presenting standardised condition and performance datasets for intelligent transport systems (ITS) assets.

ITS assets are technologies placed in vehicles and infrastructure to improve the safety and efficiency of transport systems.

“There is currently no national guidance on what sort of information should be collected to monitor and benchmark the performance of ITS assets,” said Dr Clarissa Han, Principal Professional Leader, Future Transport Systems, ARRB and report author.

“Consistent data collection will improve the accuracy of inventory management, condition assessment and analysis, fault management, and performance reporting.”

For road users this will reduce road congestion, improve reliability and make roads safer.

The data specifications cover 155 data items including 56 inventory items, 20 condition items, 39 performance items and 40 key performance indicators (KPIs).

“For ease of implementation, we’ve prioritised these items into core, desired and optional requirements,” said Clarissa. “The report also includes a business case analysing possible implementation options, with potential benefits and a benefit-cost analysis for each option.”

The core requirements cover 28 data items including 12 KPIs. “We conducted case studies analysing ITS asset data from certain jurisdictions, and found data is already available to support seven of the 12 core KPIs,” Clarissa said. “These KPIs are asset availability, network average faults, percentage fault mode, number of faults, mean time between failure, mean down time and number of assets.”

The report recommends Austroads endorse the proposed core data items as the minimum requirements for jurisdictions to collect consistent data, and consider using the specifications for a future Australian Standard.

Download the report: Standardisation of ITS Technology Asset Management Datasets

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